About Me

I am Marie knol Vincoy 34 years old from Malabo Valencia Negros Oriental. I am a mother of 3 they are all girls,I was a midwifery student undergraduate.

I was working in Saudi Arabia for 2years finished contract,an arabian couple they 5 children and 1 grandchild because 1 of their daughter is a single parent and she live with them.

I am currently working in Singapore for a year now we relocated last year here,we came from Hong Kong. I am working an American/Chinese couple with 3 daughters 15,9,6 years old, I’ve been working them for almost 5years and 5mos. My main duties are taking care of the children,do household chores,car washing, sometimes cooking because the husband will cook for his family too. The reason why I apply for this because I want to work again in Hong Kong and work a new family.thank you