About Me

Hi im Dyna allam banan 33 years old.Im currently working here in OMAN and i will be finishing my contract on March 10.I work here for 6 years,and im looking for a new emoloyer to work with.As of now i am currently working with Madam Nasra an Omany national with his husband  3kids .My main duties are Housekeeping,Marketing,cooking,washing cloths,ironing cloths,looking after thier children n sometimes car washing.I am honest patient and employer abiding person with a goal to make my employer meets thier expectatons.If i am to be given a chance to work with you,i assure you that you will have my full dedication with the job given to me and follow your way of doing things around.Please do let me know if you would like to meet for a quick chat to see how  well i can be fit to your requirements.


Dyna Allam Banan